Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Music of Tim, Good Times

On Friday we had dinner with Rod & Lisa. Rod said he had some CDs to go through. Tim's widow Rachelle had packed up a bunch of his CDs and given them to Rod. Rod knew that I would like to have a few, and chance to rip some of the others. He had about 3 boxes full of CDs. Most of them were purchases that Tim made in high school, others we ones that BMG music stuck him with for failing ot send in his refusal notice. So the range of music was wild.

In one row I saw AC/DC Live, Anni DeFranco, Jim Croce, Milli Vanilli (you all bought it don't judge), Bell Biv Devoe, Van Halen's For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, John Cougar, America's Greatest Hits, and Billy Joel. That was the range of it and it got sillier as we went through them.

I have quite a few hours of music ripping ahead of me and it's going to be taking me down memory lane for sure. There is Areosmith's Pump which was a CD he got our senior year of high school (and I have the cassette of). There is AC/DC's Blow Up Your Video, which is one of their worst albums but was jut one of those 1987 purchases that we have to admit.

Music meant a lot to us, like it does to many individuals. The iPod proved that to us all. When we lived at Tim's house the music of choice would set the mood for drinks around the bar, hanging out in the backyard or just knocking back a few cans in the living room. Concerts and shows were events to be together at. I can barely remember everyone at the first EndFest (Hammerbox was definitive) but I can remember the entire day with my friends. Same for many other music festivals and shows. Memories of Tim falling asleep at the Off Ramp during a Flake show, road tripping to Yakima to see Alice In Chains. I can't remember the Alice In Chains full set but I can tell you everything else about the weekend. It seemed like no matter what we were doing there was music involved. Maybe one day Rod and I will sit down and do a soundtrack for ourselves ala High Fidelity.

The CD that I've already listened to twice in less than 24hours is the first CD that Tim ever bought. I was there with him. He could barely afford a CD and it was "new" technology at that time. Silver Platters was the only store that sold them at the time in 1987. The soundtrack to Good Morning Vietnam was the purchase. We listened to that thing so much. I can still see Jason jamming to "Baby Please Don't Go." I'm so happy to have that CD in my collection. Maybe one day I'll tell the story to Audrey.

I think the other album that no one would have wanted from his collection that I'm thrilled to have is David Lee Roth's "Skyscraper." Not a great album I admit, although Steve Vai on the guitar is as close to Eddie as you can get I think. There is one song on it though that talks about friendship and the times you've had, the times you are having and the times you will be having. I think it has always summarized what good friends mean to me. Friends, music, good times are the stories I like to talk about and remember.

Tim's not with us today, but we all talk about him as if he is, because he's in our hearts and, more importantly, he's part of who we are. The good times from the past are just continuing. I'm lucky to have my friends and I love the music that reminds me of them.

Good times,

Damn Good - David Lee Roth

Time rools on
n' that's as it should be
Here and gone
Seems to move so quickly

Man, we was happy
In our restless heartsI
t was heaven Right here on earth
Yeah, we were lauthin'
As we reached for the stars
And we had some
For what it was worth

Those were good times
Damn good times
Those were good times
Damn good times

Hey, take a look at this picture,
Can you beliee that was you?
And who's that standin' there in the corner?
Not me!!!
Ahh, the crazy things we used to do
Sure, we was acting like a couple of kids
Good to remember
You know that it isI still feel it
Like the sun on my skin
Maybe that's better

Cause these are good times
Damn good tiemes
Talkin' about good times
Damn good times

So it's one for the money
But that don't make the show
Count to three and I'll be ready
To follow that road (yes I will)

I see it comin'
Yeah, and this one is outs
We got heaven right here on Earth
Ain't nothin' like it
When you're reachin' for stars
And you grab one
For what it is worth

You can tell 'em
We'll be having good times
Damn good times
I'm talkin' good times (yessir)
Damn good times


Rod E said...

Hey, you forgot to take all the Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Hornsby, and and please God the Jimmy Buffett. :)

Jeff Moran said...

Rod, I'll be back for all that.
Dear Lord did I just quote David Lee Roth on my blog.

Jason said...

Is there a Boyz II Men cd in there?

Boys II Men, ABC, BBD........