Friday, May 4, 2007

A little rest maybe

When Lavinia and I tell people we are expecting we get the usual responses. A lot of over joyed friends and families for the most part. But there are those with kids that quiclky say things like "kiss your life goodbye" or "get use to no sleep." I don't fault them for these no doubt true statements. I would say the same sort of thing about their rear-ends if they said they were going to ride RAPSODY or STP this year. So its fair.

Some where around week 6-7 (we are on 16 now) Lavinia began finding our bed very uncomfortable. Have you ever had one of those mid-range purchases you've been putting off for years. Well our bed, and bedroom furniture is one of those purchases. The pregnancy expidited this purchase for us though.

So now after 11 years of marriage and 12 years living together (gasp we were living in sin, don't tell Mom) we finally have a real piece of bedroom furniture. I feel so adult. Guess the kid is coming at the right time.

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Kim said...

We are in the same place. We are going to learn from you and get that new bed BEFORE it gets to that point. Which hopefully will be soon...