Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm here, I swear!

Greetings all,

Salutations from the East, where it's warm and sunny and just a stint of muggy. Much different from SoCal, where I was last week, which was grey and actually a little chilly at times. It was a good trip. We ran the Fuel Cell car on the dynamometer to gauge the performance. I was able to steal a day to go to Santa Barbara and hang with the Jeremy and Heidi. We went surfing. That is an awesome time. I've always enjoyed skiing, never to the point that I saw a need to go every weekend, but I think I would get that way with surfing if I could. It is so much fun. I've yet to stand up on the board for more than a few seconds (and by stand I mean a lanky crouch). I swallowed a lot of seawater, but it was worth it. Jeremy asked if I had to choose only one would it be surfing or skiing and I'm still debating the answer. I think location is the biggest issue, plus there are no snow sharks!

Upon return to the East Siobhan and I headed up to Northern New York to a place called Boldt Castle (website http://www.boldtcastle.com/) Fairly cool place. Definitely a town that is out to fleece the touristas, but still pretty neat. We saw quite the array of humanity while we were there. No details here, let's just say I had banjo music in my head.

Well that's my brief post. I'm sorry for the lack of anything funny or interesting. Just thought I'd throw something up here for the fans that tune in for me (you know who the two of you are). I also thought I'd try to save you all from any more posts about juiced up bicyclists. :)


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Scott said...

Happy B-day.

Give me a call next time you are back in Seattle.