Thursday, May 24, 2007

Et Tu Zabel

One of my favorite cycling heros just admitted to taking EPO in 1996 for a short time period. Eric Zabel was East German born and is tough as nails. In the late 90's and early 2000's he won a ton of races, and many Green Jersey's at the Tour de France. I always believed him to be clean, I was wrong.

I feel like a Norman Rockwell fan after hearing that he smacked a child, or a Harry Houdini fan when you see him in a parking lot after being locked out of his car, or a Michael Jordan fan when you realized that Dominque Wilkens really should have won the dunk contest.

I still want to respect him, I want tell him it's okay, but I've taken such a hard line against dopers that I just can't. I'll have the same thing to go through with Flyod soon it appears. Luckily my experiences from Tyler Hamilton helped prepare me.

If I hear that Spider-man took EPO instead of being bitten by a radioactive (not genetically mutated) spider I'll leap off a tall curb.


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