Friday, May 4, 2007


Mark emailed me to ask for a place to go to Breakfast in Seattle:

Name three places to get good, manly, breakfast around town. I've got to take care of Jer the morning of the wedding. I was thinking like a classy IHOP.
Any ideas?

I replied:
It depends really, do you want manly in the way that the grease may make him crap his pants on the altar kind of manly or just some place you two won’t look like you're on a man-date? Here are some off the top of my head.

  • Vera'on 22nd & Market
  • International House of Pancakes on Madison
  • Pancake House on 15th NW & 83rds
  • Pike Place, coffee & a pirosky or donuts!

  • Blue Mountain on 15th & 85th
  • Atlas in the UVillage
  • Costal Cafe on 15th N (capital hill)
  • Cafe Campagne

Stradling the fence
  • Chinooks at Fisherman's Terminal
  • the Dish on Leary & 8th

Ultimate Manly
  • 1am $2 breakfast from the kitchen at the Off-Ramp (shudder and thankfully No longer available)

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