Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bike To Work Day - What enables you

Bike To Work Day will be Friday May 18th and it is right around the corner. In fact, we can safely call May "Bike To Work Month" for all intents and purposes. Myself, I just call May the month that I'm joined more often on my bike commute, since I'm a year round commuter. As May approaches, and I see more and more riders on the road, I wonder what enables people to ride their bikes to work? There are so many reasons possible, I just wonder which ones are more motivating than the others.
  • You have a short commute
  • You don't want to pay for parking
  • You want the exercise
  • You have a "green" mentality and pocket-mulching is so yesterday
  • Your employer has one or more incentives to encourage you
  • You just love lycra that much
  • Training for a larger bike ride (STP, Big Ride, RAMROD)
  • Cross-training
  • Price of Gas
  • Lack of car
  • Dislike of bus or other public transportation
As you can see there are a lot of reason. Some fall into a positive "carrot" category and others fall into the "stick" category. I guess you have to find your own motivation.

So what motivates me? I'll tell you since you asked. There are several reasons.
  1. Adobe provides me with a lot of incentives. First I have a secure bike cage in our parking garage to park at. Second, we have lockers and showers available. Third, they pay me to ride my bike. Yes, that is true. I can get $30 a month in REI coupons just for riding my bike 50% of the month. I've ridden before to work for employers that did none of these three things, so this was like winning the lottery.
  2. I do believe I think "green." Born out of my desire to not pay parking costs while in college I started riding my bike and backing up my borderline Hippie attitude to life. It's carried forward, even if we do own a SVU now. Some hippie huh?
  3. Exercise. After going through my MBA in 18 months and having little time to exercise the 15 pounds I put on are enough to remind to stay active as I get older.
  4. Alone time. It may be hard for you all to think that there are times when I'm actually quiet that don't involve me being asleep, but riding my bike is all about time for me. I reflect, I zone out, I sing songs, I do things just for me. I decompress from the day on the ride home and I prepare for the day on my ride to work. It's my time and I enjoy it. You should all try to find time to reflect when your heart rate is 85%+ of your max. Good times.
So find your reason and think about riding your bike to work. You might just find you like it. The rest will be history.

On your left,


Bobbie said...

Jeff - You truly have won the lottery in addition to bike riding. I don't drive or ride public transportation to work either. However my reason is different seeing as I am permanently unemployed by choice (which means retired). Walking is it for me. I enjoy my quiet time - letting the wheels turn inside my head while I take my one-hour plus daily 3-4 mile walk. I like your blog - it makes it easier to check up on the Morans. I don't have to deal with the inconvenience of multiple time zones. All best from your second cousin once removed or is that first cousin removed twice? Bobbie

Jeff Moran said...

Thanks Bobbie! Nice to know you are reading! - Jeff

Joey Jo Jo said...

My reason and inspiration is to look be as sexy as Jeffrey. Do I need any other reasons?

By the way, it has been nearly 6 months since I've been able to ride my bike. Dang, I miss ZR and my favorite riding pard! Can't wait to trail behind you by miles and miles again soon.

Jeff Moran said...

I've been missing you riding behind me Joey JoJo. I have been playing the best in-flight movies on my booty too. You've been missing out.

We're headed to the Hope Lodge soon for a little hill climbing soon.

Erin said...

Joey may be missing ZR but he has gotten in a couple of rides. Riding a city wall in China and taking mountain bikes through the countryside of Laos may not compare to a Seattle ride with Jeff but the trip hasn't been entirely without pedal-turning.
In honor of bike to work day, we are thinking about renting bikes to toodle around Angkor Wat. But if the temp tops 100, I reserve the right to cancel this ride of solidarity. One ride in 40+ celsius is enough for this world trip!