Friday, May 18, 2007

Bike To Work Day 2007

Today is Bike To Work Day in Seattle. For cyclists it is basically one of our Holy Days. Cascade Bicycle Club puts on the event and Adobe (my employer) is one of the many sponsors. The day brings out a lot of cyclist. Here at work we plan many events to both reward our bike commuters and to encourage new riders. Today we had 12% of our on-site population ride their bike to work. Which is a great participation rate for a corporation.

This morning I got up, prepared my bike bag with what I needed and donned my shorts and jersey. Of course I selected the Adobe jersey to ride in with. I snapped a few pics along the way in today.

Here I am riding in along 8th Avenue. You can tell the car behind me is quite impressed with my photo snapping no hands riding.

Here I am at the first bike station with Dave Janis. Dave works at the Bike Alliance and is always working this station each year.

Finally a quick snap outside of Adobe at one of the Fremont Bike Stations.

Event days like this are necessary for the community. I applaud Cascade for always having a great event. I had a great day. I'm going to finish off my day by riding Downtown to a Board Meeting for the Bike Alliance. Tomorrow I'm off for a 80 mile day. Should be fun all around.

Cycling to work is a great endevaour. I encourage you all to try it. For those that can't for legitimate reasons I want to thank you for your support over the years. Having advocates out there in cars, busses and walking means a lot to me and my fellow cyclists.

On your left,



Joey&Erin said...

DUDE!! I'm seriously jealous. The photo of you on 8th almost made me cry. I even know where you shot that photo.

Dang, I miss ZR... I mean, I miss you.

Erin said that we should do our own "bike to work day" tour of the Angkor temples, but it was in the upper 90s with 100 percent humidity. I think we would both rather ride down 8th towards the Maritime Brewery for some sliders and Flagship Red.

Jeff Moran said...

mmmm sliders

I've been sending ZR post cards from the road. Sure miss the ZR on my wheel as I cruise around in the spring time