Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Baby Furniture

We bought baby furniture this weekend. We settled on the Munire Antiqua collection in a dark mahogany. You can see pics here;



We purchased from USA Baby. We were happy with the selection and the sales staff. It was low pressure and the store was not over whelming. A nice touch from other stores. For new parents this is all a bit much. I used the book Baby Bargains to help guide our purchases for research. It is a good resource that I recommend, although all my friends have had kids, along with family, so only Mark & Jason can use that piece of advice.


Next we set off to make a list of other things we need to accomplish. I’m sure “list making” will be a genetic thing for Sheppito. (My Dad now shakes his head)


Hope you all saw the countdown timer on the right hand side.




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Kim said...

I think you picked this one because of the bike on the shelf in the photo! No really, it is lovely. I am soooo excited for you.