Monday, April 9, 2007

Welcome Family

Mark and I sent out an invite to the family to start reading the updates here. Here’s how it went down, Brothers Moran Style.

From: Jeff Moran

Hey Family


Mark and I have started a blog. It’s nothing overly dramatic or really even really worth reading, but we thought we’d throw it out for everyone to check out. We wanted a way for the family to keep up with us and all the zany things that we do. True to form there are a lot of posts from me and a lot of smart alec comments from Mark, we never disappoint.


Mark and I, along with our Seattle based fan club that consists of Mom & Dad and Lavinia, hope everyone is well. Please feel free to share with others not on the email list (Brian, Chris & Katie I don’t have email addresses for).





From: Moran, Mark




Indeed be sure to check out the blog spot.  There to entertain, inform and possibly change you.  It'll make you laugh, cry (when you see how much Jeff talks about himself) and maybe, just maybe, think a little bit more about your world. 


Will it bring warring nations to peace?   No. 


Will it inspire a Soundgarden reunion tour?     Possibly. 


Has it been proven to cause cancer in laboratory mice?    Inconclusive. 


Will it leave you feeling warm and fuzzy?   Depends on what you drank before reading.


This is an outreach to our all fans world wide (remember, The Moran Brothers are huge in Belgium and some of the more remote villages in Tunisia (where I am worshiped as Um-pik, the three ear ringed god of the harvest)) 


We sure hope that you stop by and check out all that we have to offer.  Remember that as your shaking your head in dismay that you are either related, or choosing to be with someone who is related, to us.  :)


-Mark "aka Um-Pik" Moran


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