Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Top 10 - Things Uncle Mark will say concerning Jeffrita

Mark is right about all the possibilities this little Sheppard-Moran cocktail could mix up. Will the kid be a salt lover like Mom? Will Dad get a child with a strength of a Sprinter, the body of a Climber and the mental power of a 3 week stage racer? Will Jeff's broken Spanish be worse the than the kid? Will Lavi now have the power to gang up on Jeff once and for all thus throwing off the balance of the Greenwood universe? Will the kid sit up one day and just yell out "Go Big Red!" during bowl season for no reason? Will the kid not trust other youth dressed in slacks and ties with backpacks going door-to-door and understand why? Will Uncle Jason provide a cycling buddy for Jeffrita or not? Many questions to answer.

Tio Mark has only really hit the tip of the iceberg about the questions that he'll ask (see his comments to the post "Jeffrita or Shepito? Baby Sheppard-Moran on the way!". The following phrases are sure to be baby booked gems

Top Ten things Mark will say concerning Jeffrita:
10. Seriously kid, when no one is looking hang from the door jams it's your only chance to be tall in this family"
9. What is Spanish for "Big Freak Uncle? I think the kid is calling me names"
8. Really, it's suppose to be green?
7. Sorry everyone, that one was me.
6. When you grow up I'll show you how to convince your parents that you are a collector of toys, not just a consumer.
5. If Dad comes at you with a tricycle just run. It will make your life easier.
4. Too bad your Dad wore down mom there Peter Parker Moran.
3. The best way to make G'ma and G'pa worry is to,....
2. No, I can't explain the Spider-man clone series to you, I just want to forget that time.
1. Dude, with the material in this diaper I could have fueled a space station to Pluto, not just Mars.


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