Thursday, April 12, 2007

Reconnecting is nice

Yesterday I had the opportunity to reconnect with two very special people. The first was Coach Craig Undem from Cycle U here in Seattle and the other was my cousin Katie Moran who lives in Kansas City.

Coach Craig was here at Adobe, at my invitation, to do some Bicycle Fits for a few of my fellow co-workers. I've know Craig since racing Cyclocross in 2001. Craig is a great motivator, a very well knowledged coach and probably one of my top 3 favorite people in the NW Cycling Community. I was thinking about it yesterday; he's one of those guys that just is so encouraging that he makes you want to do better. Just being around him makes me want to run out and start racing again. Anyway, it was great to reconnect with him yesterday. His business is doing really well.

Katie is one my youngest cousins from my Dad's side. The family of course needs no introduction this this little lady. After seeing my posts the other day she pinged me on Instant Messenger and we had a good time catching up. She gave me the low down skinny on Brian and Chris. We also debated who worries more my dad or her dad, or if her mom outshines them both. My money is on my dad, he's a silent worrier, very ninja like in his ways.

It was super to reconnect with both of them and it was the highlight of my day for sure. Here's hoping you all find time to reconnect with individuals that make your life better.


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