Monday, April 23, 2007

Pacchoville, one last time

This past weekend I was at a party with many of my close friends from High School. The gang was gathered at Tim's house for one last party. Tim's widow Rachelle has moved out and before she starts renting the place she wanted the gang to have one last chance to gather at the house.

The history of Pacchoville is actually kind of fun. Tim purchased the house in 1992 at age 19. I was happy to be his first roommate (and rent contributor). The house was only 2 bedroom when we first started, but Tim built a room downstairs and then remodeled the garage into a room. The first summer we had some less than helpful roommates, but managed to get through the summer. It seemed like every night Rod, Jason and others were joining us in the backyard for volleyball and beers. That summer, after being up all night delivering 275 papers, Tim and I in a sleep deprived comma decided that the house needed a dog. 30 minutes later Alex came home and proceeded to be the house's longest occupant for 14 years.

Everyone has a memory of Pacchoville. It was the place we gathered. It was the place we partied. It was the place you called to find out if something was going, giving Tim and me the role of coordinator way to often. It was the place that many of us, even those that never paid rent, called home.

I still remember the days that Don, Jason and Rod moved in. Living with Sarah for the year in 93. Learning that my best friends and I still had a lot of growing up to do before any of us would be called stellar roommates. Now there were times that just sucked, like too many dishes in the sink, pissing each other off over something petty, Alex's ability to bark forever, some individuals thinking this was their house even though they never paid rent. But it all seemed to work out. The spirit of the house simply seemed to keep us together and safe.

As I drove home last night I realized it could be the last time I am in the house. But I know I'll keep the memories of it being my home. I know I'll take that spirit of home forward with me, just like I take Tim's memory of friendship forward with me.

Thanks Rachelle (and Rod) for helping me have one last good time at the house.


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Erin said...

I was looking for a place to comment and this post will have to work. I only met Tim once, but have heard so many stories of your times together. I think that it is lovely that you keep him as such a part of you.
On our trip, we have talked about Becky more than usual. Remembering both the good stuff and the not so good stuff is... well it is (fill in appropriate adjective, it is a little hot to think here in Laos).
Anyways, we miss you and Lavi bunches. (Sorry, Mark, I am sure we would miss you too but I don't think I have met you yet.)