Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Marken Speaks

Wow. You know this thing says that there are two of us on this thing, but who could tell? Yes, as per usual Jeff is doing most of the talking. My apologizes for being absent. Work has been a bear lately and "if I don't do my job people WILL die!" Sorry, just channelling my inner Jack Bauer there. Although if I mess up on the hydrogen schedule it could be true, hmmmmmmmm....

So, what do I want to blog about.... maybe... nah that would bring in the FCC... how about... no that would provoke the Christian Right....oh, would bring in the Christian Left and they're even worse...maybe I could do an illustrated guide of something... no.. no...hmmm, for that one I would need a chicken and a quart of kerosene.. wow this is hard. I guess I could always talk about the overuse of ....

Okay, I know! We'll do nicknames. Now as the subject line indicates, one of my many, many nicknames is The Marken (originating from Clash of the Titans and a story too stupid to explain). Other nicknames include, in no particular order:

Sleepy Mark
The Streak
Eme Eme (M.M. in Spanish)
El Dulce
Groundhog Day
Under Sleep 2, Mark Territory (as in Under Siege 2, Dark Territory)
Moran Kombat
The Sigher

Plus others I just can't remember. When your name is a popular action verb, you love to sleep and you're just pastey overall there's no limit to what you will be called. Now I will answer to any and all of these, but some have been out of commision for quite a while.

Okay, must get back to work, for the sake of national security ... wait, inner Jack Bauer moment again, sorry.



Jeff & Mark Moran said...

The world is now even as Marcus speaks. Which is another nickname.

There are other brotherly nicknames that I probably can't post without being flagged so just suffice it to say that I have "colorful" nicknames for my little bro.

Jeff & Mark Moran said...

That actually reminds me of how when I was eight or nine I wanted everyone to call me Marcus. I thought Marcus Allen from the Raiders was pretty cool and I also thought it was my full name. I thought Mark was short for Marcus, like Rob and Robert. So I start to demand that people call me Marcus. I introduce myself as Marcus to new people I meet. At one point, after telling Dad that he needs to call me Marcus, Dad puts his hand on my shoulder and says "you do know your name IS Mark, right? Mark is not short for anything else." To which I reply "really?!?!" I think I went back to my original name then. :)


Anonymous said...

What about Drinking Mark and Mark-at-Arms, with his hero pals D-Man, Neila, and the Shawnceress. We were soooo cool! D