Monday, April 9, 2007

Jeffrita or Shepito? Baby Sheppard-Moran on the way!

Lavinia and I have good news that we can finally make public, we are expecting! Our due date is not until October 9th, so we are still early, but we’ve received enough positive news that we are comfortable letting everyone know. So now you know (and as you remember from earlier posts, “Knowing is half the battle”).

We don’t know the sex of the baby yet, but we’ll find out soon. Right we are calling it Jeffrita and Shepito. I guess that is what you get when you cross an Irish dude with a Hispanic lady. The Jeffrita name comes from Lavinia’s mom. The first xmas season Lavinia and I were married we asked her what she wanted for xmas. She said she wanted a Jeffrita. The name has stuck since then. Poor kid. I’m going to mess him/her up enough without the extra help of ridiculous nickname.

Any way, Lavinia and I are very excited, as is Uncle Mark (aka Uncle Um-Pik). We just wanted to share the news!




Anonymous said...

What fantastic news. Diane and I are very happy for you. Hope all is going well. I passed your blog site on to Chris, Brian, and Katie. They will be happy for you also. It will be a big change for you but a good one. You can attached the child seat next time your ride across America.
Uncle Mike and Aunt Diane

Katie said...

Congratulations, cuz! That is so exciting! Dad sent this to me, so will now be able to keep updated on your life! Maybe I should get one of these? :)Miss you and hope to see you soon.

Jeff & Mark Moran said...

Having been privy to this info for some time, I'm glad that the rest of the world knows, and can now prepare for the coming of Jeffrita (will it be Jeffrito if it's a boy?) Now I say prepare, because well, it's a going to be a bit of adjustment for all of us. First, we're all going to have to get used to having someone shorter than Mom around. Dad has been vigorously revamping his rolly poley tickling act. Me, well I've been trying to work out my lat muscles so I can hold the kid out at arms length in case it accidentally goes off. Lavi will have to withstand a kid that makes baby noises all the time, because, like it's dad, it just can't shut up. Mom has been busy packing ziplock baggies full of Cheerios. Jeff will have to agonize over whether or not to bring the kid up on Classic Spider-man or the newly revamped Ultimate Spider-man (a decision I don't envy, how do you decide?) Both Jeff and Lavi will need to steel themselves for the ridiculous questions I will be asking:
"How do you support the head?"
"Is that a normal noise?"
"Is it supposed to smell that bad?.....Are you sure?.....Good god, that can't be normal, are you really, really sure?"
"Do you think if I hold him upside down for long periods of time the extra blood to the developing brain will make him smarter?.....How about upside down and swinging?"
"Should there be grey hair already? Must get that from Dad"

Seriously, I couldn't be more excited, happy and thrilled about this. This genetic cocktail is sure to produce something extraordinary.

-Unkie Mark

Jeff & Mark Moran said...

Having an excited Tio Mark, hearing the congrats from Katie, Mike and Diane is really awesome. Thanks so much for posting.

Anonymous said...

Awesome news to hear Jeff, from one of your three high school passenger passengers subjected to VH it wonder why Neil and I turned to 90's rap. Seriously, congrats and I'm sure Uncle Mark will show your newborn the way of Star Wars, Red Dwarf, etc. in no time. Deron