Monday, April 16, 2007

Jack Bauer

So have you ever over dosed on too much of something? Well yesterday I did just that. No, not an OD like that. I spent about 6 hours traveling yesterday. I went to the airport with Lavinia who left at 9:30am and my plane to Cali left at 12:30. I spent most of the day watching my video iPod which the entire season to date of 24. I ended up watching about 9 hours of it yesterday. I prefer to watch this show in big bursts because the cliff hangers just do me in if I watch every week. So starting with Season 3, and my Tivo, I started watching it in 6-10 hour chunks over a few days. So I was looking forward to the new season and some time to just relax and catch up with my favorite government agent, Jack Bauer

Aside from the extreme overdose that it was to watch 9 hours in a row, I've come to one conclusion...
Jack Bauer is the baddest mo fo in the entertainment universe.

This is a character that has literally had the crap kicked out of him and yet he still manages to shake off the sleepy without caffine (although there was that herion thing in season 3) and just keeps kicking butt.

Top 10 Things Jack Bauer doesn't have time for

10. this blog
9. this discussion
8. this idea that you need sleep
7. this debate
6. this excuse, just give him what he wants now
5. this evasive tactic
4. this refusal to tell him the truth.
3. this idea that you will escape him
2. this top 10 list

1. this right now!

I'm pretty sure that the following things are true about Jack Bauer.
  • If Jack Bauer wanted to sleep he'd be on a sitcom.
  • If your a terrorist in the US it is not IF Jack Bauer will catch you, but WHEN and how bad he'll beat you up doing it.
  • if your last name is Palmer then you can command him to do anything.
  • when Jack Bauer interrogates you it is possible to remember the correct answers to questions you got wrong on your SATs.
  • If it ever appears that Jack Bauer breaks down it's only because he can barely contain the power of Kick Butt within himself.
I only hope the rest of the season goes as well as the begining.


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