Saturday, April 14, 2007

Going Back To Cali

So this week I'll be working out of the San Jose office from Monday - Thursday. Lavinia will be a trade show in Vegas. I figured there was no reason to hang out at home. Rather travel down to SJ and see the majority of my direct reports and my manager. It will be a hectic week as we try to hit a milestone at work. Still should be productive.

Here's a pic of the Adobe Towers. If you see the walkway between the West (left side) and East towers you can pick out where I''ll be. The top walkway is floor 15 and I'll be on West 15 all week (tip your waitress folsk).
Hanging out in San Jose is always fun for a bit, but it makes me miss home. I've been asked often if I would move and the answer was always a shrug of the shoulders. I debated it for a long time because my career opportunities would be easier down there. My entire Business Unit is based there and some times managers just can't conceive of a direct report in Seattle. I owe my boss a big thank you for not only taking the chance but showing that it can be done.

Now that Jeffrita or Shepito is on the way we are staying in Seattle. Family is here, we're firmly rooted here and frankly it's cheaper than SJ to raise a kid. So if you ask me that question today the answer is a firm No.

Being a No though means travel to HQ every month. It's not too bad. I try to go for 2 days at a time so it doesn't interrupt time in Seattle. But I want to spend as much with my reports as I can because they deserve that from a manager. I hope I'm doing them right. I'm lucky that they are productive group and a senior group. That makes it easier for sure.

So I'm off to Cali. Hope you all have a good week.





Joey Jo Jo Shabadoo said...

Hey Hey,

I'm seriously glad to hear that you are in the 'no leaving seattle' family too. Erin and I debate the same from time to time (not moving to San Jose, but leaving Sea-town), and I think we are still in love with the NorthWest. Not to mention our BFF's are there. Oh, now I need a hug.

Erin said...

Greetings from Thailand,
After the past week (Joey is posting about it right now), there is no way I want to live anywhere but Seattle! Thailand has incredible sunsets but the margaritas here just can't compare to Jeff's.
Joey finally sent me the link to your blog and I plan to keep reading. It gives us something to talk about while we travel. (After four months, we occasionally need a little help. The "what was your first..." questions were finished in New Zealand.) This afternoon's question: "which Spiderman should our imaginary child be raised on?" Thanks, gents!

Jeff & Mark Moran said...

The way I figure it, when you two return to Seattle you'll have enough travel stories to keep me content to stay in Seattle for at least a good decade.

I'm stoked that Uncle Joey and Aunt Erin will be near by.

Jeff & Mark Moran said...
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