Monday, April 30, 2007

Excited as a Gooey Duck

Yes, the bold, triumphant return of The Marken is nigh (is wrong to refer to yourself in the third person and with old english terms? I hope not)

I'm wicked excited for the trip home. Not only am I getting a little bit burnt out lately and jsut desperately need a vacation, but I need, I mean medically need, an Alaskan Amber too. Plus if I don't visit with some regularity the family will track me down and visit me. So to avoid that I come home as often as I can. I miss Seattle the way I imagine MC Hammer misses his money, can't believe I left it, think about it daily with longing and can't wait for the brief times I get to be there.

I am very excited to show off my girlfriend and show Seattle off to her. This will be her first visit to the Best Coast. She's been brushing up her Scrabble skills off so she's ready to rumble too

Only 4 more days. Woohoo!


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