Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Do you Twitter is one of several new social networking sites. Not being a teenager I had to read about it in Business Week which just goes to show how far behind the times I am already. I'll make a great Dad, "dad you are so old!" is what I'll hear as my kid telepathically orders books from in the year 2030, but I digress.

Twitter is site that allows you to have user account for free and you can post via the web, IM or mobile text messaging updates. The idea is for small updates, but you could publish more I suspect. Like and other social networking sites you can invite friends, be discoverable by others in the network.

The good uses could be having a friends network so you could locate each other. Think of it as easily broadcasting to your friends when you are at Bumbershoot (music festival) "meet me by the Pearl Jam main stage in 10 minutes." I'm sure the youngsters have plenty of other uses.

The bad uses are that it could be downright silly. "Hi I'm changing my socks now", "Hi I just left the house." "I'm at the car", you get the idea. Do I really need to know that Jason is getting out of the shower (as if I don't already). I mean bully for him for feeling he can share that with me, but it is borderlines silly.

But again, I'm not the target audience at age 35. I wonder though how Twitter will adapt when the older kids, the ones who right now are about 4 years behind their teenage kids in creating myspace sites and acting like they are 19. It's only a matter of time before they realize their kids are no longer on myspace and youtubing (did I just make a verb there) and are now simply twittering. The ones that notice will be the cheap parents who have not hooked up unlimited texting on the kids cell phone. That will be the first clue.

So all that said, I have an account. I'm trying to stay informed on Web 2.0 happenings. I don't exepect to be bleeding edge or anything, but this site was kind of cool.

Below is a Flash Badge that should update with my posting to my twitter account. I'm trying to get it working in the side bar to the left as well, but so far it's hit and miss. Not being a code dude I'm not sure what it may be. My experience with their site is that it is slow. The Flash badge is Adobe technology so of course I think it's cool.


p.s. my twitter account is jemoran if you want to invite me.
p.p.s. Joey & Erin if you have texting from your various mobile phones it might be a good way to send broadcast messages out. Not sure the texting cost for you though.

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