Thursday, April 26, 2007

Back in the NW - The Marken Returns

Mark will be headed home soon and the family is quite excited to see him. We are lucky that he travels home often. His buddy is getting married (Jeremy I think) the first weekend he's in town. Mom, of course, is a flutter of worry and eager anticipation that you usually only seen in grade school boys waiting to get a new video game system.

I would be remiss in my big brother duties if I failed to say that I am very happy that he is visiting. I miss my brother a lot and wish he lived in Seattle still. But like most of the family we are just as proud that he has found a profession he loves so much. He's making a difference in the world (even without his graduate degree) and that makes up for the missed time.

I'm sure Mark's visit will be a mix of Pike Place Market, BBQs with family, reading my comic books (don't judge us), a visit to Sonic Boom Records, and generaly goofing off. Yet, there will be one thing different as Mark is traveling with his girlfriend. I'm sure he's pretty excited to show off the area to her. The family is looking forward to meeting her. I've advised a 25 point test that includes an oral essay to see if she is truly worthy of my brother. The first question is basically "please tell us how you can stand him, the rest of us are still trying to find a way" (joke of course, we know how we can stand).

A joking aside, can't wait to see my brother. It's still a few weeks out, but soon Mark will be Seattle-side.


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