Thursday, March 8, 2007

What's a shuffling hot stuff

Maybe my post on iPods has me thinking music right now, but what is currently shuffling this week on my iPod?

Lilly Allen
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Once More With Feeling
Van Halen's - 5150

that is one messed up mix, but then again I didn't promise much more.

Hey Mark, St. Patty's day at the Comet in Seattle, reunion shows of Sister Psychic and Flake. Ha ha ha.

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Jeff & Mark Moran said...

Well, unlike my "compensate with technology" brother, I have yet to join the iPod revolution.

I still feel cool blasting The Cult's "Fire Woman" at 120 decibels in the car. Although I think those staring are not thinking I'm cool, but hoping to see how long my mullet is. Let's remember too that you're listening to a guy who was able to blow out a car speaker with the Steve Miller Band for Pete's sake (pansy Swedish speakers, but speakers none the less.)

I do however subscribe to the headphone wearing crowd whilst whiling away in my cubicle. I find I can crunch data more effectively if I have Rammenstein's "Du Hast" cranking in my ears (I also have a compulsion to attack my neighbors to to the West, but I'm sure that's unrelated).

I've got about 10+ gig of music on the work computer to choose from. I put the whole thing on Shuffle and just go through the equivalent of musical schizophrenia. In the last few minutes I've heard

Bob Dylan - Idiot Wind
Sweetwater - No Guts
Elliot Smith - Bled White
Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar

I'm now jamming to Track 7 of the Music of the Andes. Those Peruvian's know how to rock!!!!

PS - Can't beleive I'm missing the reunion show. I hope all of their fans can find sitters :)