Friday, March 16, 2007

The week in review

This week came and went faster than a housewife’s first curry. I spent 2 days and nights in sunny San Jose, CA for work. It was almost a little too hot for my liking, ringing in at 80 degrees one day. I will admit that eating outside and watching the sunset, and planes scream by over head, was pretty fun.

I managed to leave my wallet on the plane when I returned home. I have to hand out the good karma points to Alaska Airlines. They found it, called me right away and I was able to return to the airport and pick it up with very little wait. Thanks to the good Samaritan that found it. I hope a good turns come to him/her soon.

This week in the office was busy busy busy. Lavinia is working hard too. In fact, she’s working so hard I feel like a slacker, which is comical. I hear Mark is equally busy.

This week found some good tunes in the shuffle:
Mark Lanegan’s “field songs” and “Whiskey for the Holy Ghost”
Madonna’s “Confessions on the dance floor”
Huey Lewis and the News “Sports”
Living Colour’s “Pride”

This weekend I will be riding the McClinchy mile ride for training. The goal is to put together the 20 mile loop with either the 46 or 34 mile loop. The ride supports the Bicycle Alliance of Washington.

That night I’ll be celebrating my Irish Heritage at Seattle’s Comet tavern. Sister Psychic and Flake, two of my favorite 1990’s Seattle bands will be playing a “re-union” show. My buddy Rod and I will be on hand. Mark is right when he hopes that audience will be able to get sitters. We’ve all grown up a bit. It’s funny to look around the room. I no longer have the long hair and I don’t choose to wear flannel that much. My take on Pearl Jam has changed over the years as well. You can still find these two bands in my weekly shuffle mix. In fact, I’m making the change now as we speak.

Hopefully Mark will find time to post to tell us all what keeps him so busy these days. I know his Mother and Father do worry.


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