Sunday, March 18, 2007

Paris-Nice, Discovery Wins Again

Alberto Contador won the 7 stage Paris-Nice race this week. Contador rides for the American Discovery Channel Team. Contado won two stages and fellow teammate Yaroslav Popovych won a stage as well. It sounds like the Discovery team really came to play for this.

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It wasn't all good news for the Discovery team this week. Ivan Basso, a big favorite to win the Tour de France this year, crashed in the third stage of Tirreno-Adriatico, a 213km leg between Marsciano and Macerata. Basso injured his left wrist and actually finished the stage, but later left the race because of the injury. It doesn't sound too bad, but I'm sure Basso is looking for some form as the Giro di Italia looms.

If you can't tell, I follow bicycle racing all year around. I really enjoy it. Having dabbled a little myself I have a lot of respect for what it must take to ride at that level. The conversation of doping aside, to be tackled another day for sure, to ride at the level of the guy finishing last in the race is my goal one day. We'll see.

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