Sunday, March 18, 2007

McClinchy Mile Trip Report

This weekend I rode the McClinchy Mile ride that the B.I.K.E.S group of Everett hosted. It was a ride that start and finished in Arlington, WA and the loop went out to Granite Falls. The day was threatening to rain on us from the start. I meet some friends there at 8:30, registered and took off for the longest loop of 47 miles.

The start was very hilly to begin. As far as warm-ups go hills just suck, pure and simple. The first 25 miles were just that, rolling along. We saw a Bald Eagle soaring over the farm land and it matched us in a parallel pac for a bit. We were sailing along at 20mph pedaling, the Eagle never once even flapped it's wings. The scenery was very nice farmland and we only had one driver who was annoyed at us. So a big thank you to the residents of Arlington.

The last 15 miles of the ride were on the Centenial Trail. It was a great ride. After the hills and the arrival of the rain we welcomed a nice flat ride. It was great.

After 65 miles the weekend before this week's ride wasn't that bad. The hills were a good thing for us to tackle as well.

It felt good to get out and pedal a new route. The scenery, company and temperature made fora a good ride.

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