Thursday, March 22, 2007

Instant Messaging

Among the things that I love in life is Instant Messenger. For years now I’ve been using it to stay in touch with friends and as a business tool at work.



It’s been a godsend to be able to stay in touch as a remote employee. As I’ve posted before most of my team works in San Jose, CA. One of my favorite developers is in San Luis Obispo and she and I used it as if we worked in offices next to each other. It really helped us be productive. I wish more of my reports would use it, but we’ll see.



I use it to stay in touch with friends and family during the day. My friend Jason and I chat on it like a couple of old ladies gabbing over the fence at each other. When I was in school (graduate school that is because laptops were still just steno pads when I was an undergraduate), I used it at night to chat with classmates, and even during class. I still hold the TM-MBA record of 7 IM chat windows during class. When my friend Don was in Angola Africa working the three of us would chat and it was like we were all just at work. Although our work was technology and his was land mines and avoiding civil war fire, it was just like a normal day.



Jason and I like to change our name and our IM Picture daily. Usually to poke fun at each other, but other times just to catch a mood. We call it our “5 seconds of daily creativity.” Some of our most recent names were


Jason – I’m Kerberized

Jeff – Pedal; in memory of Susie Stephens

Jason – I’m training

Jeff – Share the road with me damnit!

Jeff – Looking San Jose, Feeling NW


Not some of our bests, but you get the point. Want to add me as a contact, use


Wink smile grin LOL


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