Wednesday, March 7, 2007

55 miles

So last weekend I did a 55 mile ride with my buddy Tommy. The day was nice. For those of you outside of Seattle that means it was not raining basically. We did the north end of the Lake Washington. I think the key to the milage this early for my season has been eating a lot as we ride.

I leave with a good breakfast and then 20 minutes in, and every 20 after, I try to eat something. A 1/3 of a cliff bar, 2 cliff shots or some gel delivery goodie, and I drink a lot of water as I ride. Staying fueled has allowed me to get a lot more out of my rides and I can feel the strength coming back. I still have no speed though and I must say I miss it. Gone for now are the days of cruising lightly at 20-22mph. Hopefully by the time June hits I'll be near that. I know I'm a ways from Big Ride shape (no doubt to be blogged about at a future date), but still I still dream.

This week the plans are for 60-65. We'll see how it goes. The weather looks tolerable. Which means that it will be raining on and off. Guess there is a reason we invest in rain gear in this city.

BTW, did you check out the Amgen Tour of California two weeks ago? It was awesome. If you go to and click on the Live Race Tracker link you will see a really cool Flex application that Adobe products were used to create. It was a nifty way to watch the race live. It had streaming video, GPS tracking, course profiles and lots of other information. The best was to Tivo Paul Scherwin and Phil Ligget on VS. at night. It was a great race to kick off the season. I'm looking forward to how Discovery's team does this season and CSC. I think the US should be proud to have had not just the World Champion, but Paolo Bettini himself racing and winning a stage.

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