Monday, February 26, 2007

Yo Joe!

Growing up GI Joe was a big deal at our house. Admittedly more so for Mark than for me, but he was more the target age. Whether it was comic books (we own 1-100 of the original Marvel title and still can quote issue #21 easily to this day), or toys or the animated cartoon. We had it all.

Well searching along for something I stumbled along this link which cracked me up.

A side family story; so Mark was always bugging Mom to buy him more GI Joe toys. I would get so annoyed at his whining and little pouting (I mean the kid was only 8 what should I have expected right?). So I told him to knock it off and that he had enough toys. Without losing a beat, much like his father, Mark says "I'm a collector." If only.

Well, now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Yo Joe!


Jeff & Mark Moran said...

For those who didn't pass the geek check, issue #21 was a "Silent Interlude", there's nothing to quote and hence the funny. Nice one bro!


Jeff & Mark Moran said...

I knew Mark would get that one. I'm sure he feel asleep to yet another Snake-Eyes Commando Ninja style dream that he has after too many tofu snacks and beers.

Nice catch bro!