Thursday, February 1, 2007

Stupid Woodpecker

So, I have the world's dumbest woodpecker living near my house. He's either stupid, color blind or wood tone dumb. Every morning he goes to town pecking at my, get this, metal chimney cover. I hear this rat-a-tat-a-tat on the metal. I'm curious why he/she does this. I mean does it look like wood. Was he/she flying over head and said, "Dude, sweet spot to knock my pecker (huh huh) into."

Reminds me of Woody Woodpecker. Wonder if they are still re-running that show.



Jeff & Mark Moran said...

One fine saturday morning I was awoken early (which right there is a crime) by the sound of "thump, whip, whip.....thump, whip, whip....." I stagger over to the window and pull back the shade just a bit and just in time to see this robin-type bird fly straight into the window, smack itself and land back on the phone cable next to the window. It then stared at the window and repeated this behavior. I can only figure that it was attacking its own reflection. This went on for an hour.

Point of the story.... birds are stupid.


katie said...

I also have something to say about birds.

We went to Sea World when we were in California for one of dad's conferences when I was eleven years old. Throughout the day, it was evident that the seagulls who took up residence at said Sea World were quite agressive. They would hover near the food areas, waiting for one morsel to be dropped by a small child or fall out of an elderly person's mouth. I will say it made me nervous. Not that I let the nerves get in the way of feeding a dolphin for the first time. I was excited!

I went to get the little fish to feed them, while Brian, Mom, and Dad stood over by the dolphins. After only one step, I was attacked by what I remember to be 30+ seagulls(unexaggerated number closer or equal to 1) I threw the fish in the air and screamed. It was very frightening. After all, I'd seen the Hitchcock movie, "The Birds." Then I looked over to my family for rescue and comfort, but saw them laughing. It was rough.

The points of my story are two-fold. Birds are evil, and my family left an emotional scar that may never heal. :)