Thursday, February 15, 2007

So close, yet so far

So Mark and I were both in California last week, and yet didn't have an opportunity to see each other. We were both very busy at work. I called him twice during the week in the evening and he was still working at 8pm as I was finally walking back to my hotel. He was in Oakland and I was in San Jose.

Mark has some more travel plans so we'll see him soon, but still it would have been nice.

Work is very busy for Lavinia and me right now so the days are busy. I've managed to get back on my bicycle for some training rides already this year too. I haven't done anything over 50 miles yet, but hope to soon. I'm praying to whatever cycling gods there may be that I recover my form (pre-mba form that is) quickly. So far so good.

Mom & Dad are busy as well, Dad especially. Seems like he's worked one day of the weekend 3 out of 4 weekends a month for a while now. I guess it keeps him honest though and is a character building experience (take that Dad!).

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