Thursday, February 15, 2007

Salt Lake City family is okay

We heard that our family in Salt Lake City was no where near the shooting at the Trolley Square mall. My aunt, uncle and cousin live within walking distance so that was great to hear.

Here's a link:

Growing up and visiting my cousins in Salt Lake City I can recall walking down to the Trolley Square mall to get ice cream cones and to see movies at the theater. When I came through in 1995 from my mountain bike pilgrimage to Moab we stopped to see a movie (mostly for the AC, that state can get damn hot during the summer).

I had talked to my cousin Patrick recently. He sounds well, busy as a beaver at work (he's an All-State Agent). He had just created an Acrobat PDF Forms solution for his business. I'm pretty impressed and glad that my work can help a family member.

My other cousin Megan is in law school. I think it's been a while since we chatted. I think Mark and I should gang up on her in email.

What do you say Mark?

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