Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Old Swagger

As you all know, I fancy myself something of a cyclist (resume with held). During the last two years, when I was in graduate school, time for cycling dip at the same rate as our national debt increased. It was quite alarming, but time manangement simply wouldn't allow it. Since graduation in June 2006 I've slowly gotten back to increasing my miles.

If you go back before graduate school time you would have seen me soaring through downtown Seattle with a messenger bag on my back and politely forcing cars off the road as I sailed by. During school with a laptop and study books I took to riding with panniers on my bike. The panniers are great and I encourage anyone who rides with a lot of weight to invest and give your back a break from a heavy bag. Still it was hard for me to shake that thought of panniers, but like all things I guess I still "evolve" in my cycling. I remember a time when I swore I'd never wear lycra without being covered. Now, you just can't get me out of the stuff. (TMI?, a bit maybe)

So recently I've been commuting to work more regularly, which is great to keep me sane. I've also started to train for some small goals, to be shared later. This week I was riding into work and I had one of my oldest jerseys on, that still fits , and my trusty messenger bag and my legs felt good. I admit that I had a bit of my old swagger back and it felt good.

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