Monday, February 26, 2007

Yo Joe!

Growing up GI Joe was a big deal at our house. Admittedly more so for Mark than for me, but he was more the target age. Whether it was comic books (we own 1-100 of the original Marvel title and still can quote issue #21 easily to this day), or toys or the animated cartoon. We had it all.

Well searching along for something I stumbled along this link which cracked me up.

A side family story; so Mark was always bugging Mom to buy him more GI Joe toys. I would get so annoyed at his whining and little pouting (I mean the kid was only 8 what should I have expected right?). So I told him to knock it off and that he had enough toys. Without losing a beat, much like his father, Mark says "I'm a collector." If only.

Well, now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Yo Joe!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Old Swagger

As you all know, I fancy myself something of a cyclist (resume with held). During the last two years, when I was in graduate school, time for cycling dip at the same rate as our national debt increased. It was quite alarming, but time manangement simply wouldn't allow it. Since graduation in June 2006 I've slowly gotten back to increasing my miles.

If you go back before graduate school time you would have seen me soaring through downtown Seattle with a messenger bag on my back and politely forcing cars off the road as I sailed by. During school with a laptop and study books I took to riding with panniers on my bike. The panniers are great and I encourage anyone who rides with a lot of weight to invest and give your back a break from a heavy bag. Still it was hard for me to shake that thought of panniers, but like all things I guess I still "evolve" in my cycling. I remember a time when I swore I'd never wear lycra without being covered. Now, you just can't get me out of the stuff. (TMI?, a bit maybe)

So recently I've been commuting to work more regularly, which is great to keep me sane. I've also started to train for some small goals, to be shared later. This week I was riding into work and I had one of my oldest jerseys on, that still fits , and my trusty messenger bag and my legs felt good. I admit that I had a bit of my old swagger back and it felt good.

On your left

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Salt Lake City family is okay

We heard that our family in Salt Lake City was no where near the shooting at the Trolley Square mall. My aunt, uncle and cousin live within walking distance so that was great to hear.

Here's a link:

Growing up and visiting my cousins in Salt Lake City I can recall walking down to the Trolley Square mall to get ice cream cones and to see movies at the theater. When I came through in 1995 from my mountain bike pilgrimage to Moab we stopped to see a movie (mostly for the AC, that state can get damn hot during the summer).

I had talked to my cousin Patrick recently. He sounds well, busy as a beaver at work (he's an All-State Agent). He had just created an Acrobat PDF Forms solution for his business. I'm pretty impressed and glad that my work can help a family member.

My other cousin Megan is in law school. I think it's been a while since we chatted. I think Mark and I should gang up on her in email.

What do you say Mark?

So close, yet so far

So Mark and I were both in California last week, and yet didn't have an opportunity to see each other. We were both very busy at work. I called him twice during the week in the evening and he was still working at 8pm as I was finally walking back to my hotel. He was in Oakland and I was in San Jose.

Mark has some more travel plans so we'll see him soon, but still it would have been nice.

Work is very busy for Lavinia and me right now so the days are busy. I've managed to get back on my bicycle for some training rides already this year too. I haven't done anything over 50 miles yet, but hope to soon. I'm praying to whatever cycling gods there may be that I recover my form (pre-mba form that is) quickly. So far so good.

Mom & Dad are busy as well, Dad especially. Seems like he's worked one day of the weekend 3 out of 4 weekends a month for a while now. I guess it keeps him honest though and is a character building experience (take that Dad!).

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Stupid Woodpecker

So, I have the world's dumbest woodpecker living near my house. He's either stupid, color blind or wood tone dumb. Every morning he goes to town pecking at my, get this, metal chimney cover. I hear this rat-a-tat-a-tat on the metal. I'm curious why he/she does this. I mean does it look like wood. Was he/she flying over head and said, "Dude, sweet spot to knock my pecker (huh huh) into."

Reminds me of Woody Woodpecker. Wonder if they are still re-running that show.