Monday, January 29, 2007

Dad turns 62

Our father turned 62 on Friday. While it is hard to think of him being so old, especially since I have more gray hair than he does for some reason, I admit that the Dude is aging rather well. Mark and I feel it is because his two sons are just terrific, but the credit probably goes to Mom for sure.

We celebrated this weekend at my house. Lavinia cooked up a great meal and Larry joined us for dinner. A good time was had and I think Dad was able to relax a little. After a busy work week it was the perfect present, although I think he liked the barnes & noble gift card, grilling cookbook and cedar planks for grilling salmon too.

We sure missed Mark, and always do during these family gatherings, but I was glad to hear he called his Father to chat and say Happy Birthday Old Man!

I'm sure in other blog posts we'll talk more about our Dad, becuase he's a super individual. For today I'm just going to say, Happy Birthday Dad, we love you.

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