Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Top 5 Reasons why Jeff is Cool

Besides setting up a kicka*s Blog for us, there are several more reasons why Jeff is cool.

#5 - His policy of "no one beats on my brother.... except me!"
#4 - Despite his stature, there's barely a trace of short man's complex.
#3 - Cycling skills will come in handy on Bicycle powered home during the impending energy crisis
#2 - His talking 24/7 covers for my silence

and the number one reason why Jeff is cool
#1 - He's related to me

Oh, I can see this being the beginning of something really, really cool.


Monday, January 29, 2007

Dad turns 62

Our father turned 62 on Friday. While it is hard to think of him being so old, especially since I have more gray hair than he does for some reason, I admit that the Dude is aging rather well. Mark and I feel it is because his two sons are just terrific, but the credit probably goes to Mom for sure.

We celebrated this weekend at my house. Lavinia cooked up a great meal and Larry joined us for dinner. A good time was had and I think Dad was able to relax a little. After a busy work week it was the perfect present, although I think he liked the barnes & noble gift card, grilling cookbook and cedar planks for grilling salmon too.

We sure missed Mark, and always do during these family gatherings, but I was glad to hear he called his Father to chat and say Happy Birthday Old Man!

I'm sure in other blog posts we'll talk more about our Dad, becuase he's a super individual. For today I'm just going to say, Happy Birthday Dad, we love you.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Top 5 Reasons Why Mark is Cool

5. Because having a little brother that is taller than you is a paradox is hours of fun to lament over.
4. Having a brother like Mark means that Mom & Dad worry less about me.
3. Because some one has to understand the pop culture references that I spout out.
2. Because even if he doesn't admit it, his dimples are still cute.

and the #1 reason...

1. Because some one has to reach the Tequila of the top shelf for me.

The first post

This blog is simply for my brother and me. He doesn't even know I've started it yet, but we've discussed it. We're going to let it grow organically to see what themes we post to it. It may just be updates, or a way to connect more with family outside of where we live, or simply a place for us to call each other names in a public way. Any way we do it, should be fun.

Stay tuned,